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Probattery is a specialist in the development and commercialisation of portable and autonomous energy systems and devices for Consumer Products, Professional Video and Industrial Solutions.

Since our beginnings in 1990, we have built up a large portfolio of batteries, chargers, various accessories and systems. We have achieved an expertise that permits us to provide solutions for many rechargeable energy requirements.

Our core brand “Probattery” is representative of quality, reliability and efficiency.
  Presence in Argentina and the World Our promise to our clients Our pledge to innovation and quality

Probattery has its own research and development department so as to keep up with technological advances and to update our portfolio, with the ultimate aim of offering innovative and cutting edge products.
Our engineers work not only in pursuit of innovation and maximum efficiency, but also design and Battery Measuring and Evaluation Systems, which facilitates us to work with our suppliers and clients using our own, accurate, information.

The quality control process is applied throughout production and commercialisation, it observes international standards and we comply with the strictest of security.