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Probattery is a specialist in the development and commercialisation of portable and autonomous energy systems and devices for Consumer Products, Professional Video and Industrial Solutions.

Since our beginnings in 1990, we have built up a large portfolio of batteries, chargers, various accessories and systems. We have achieved an expertise that permits us to provide solutions for many rechargeable energy requirements.

Our core brand “Probattery” is representative of quality, reliability and efficiency.
  Presence in Argentina and the World Our promise to our clients Our pledge to innovation and quality

Probattery works daily to offer the most efficient solutions to our clients needs.

Over the years we have built up a portfolio of more than 1500 products such as; batteries, chargers and accessories for photography, video, mp3, radio communications, mobile and cordless telephony, computing, alarms and electric vehicles, among others.

We also have a complete and qualitative range of batteries, chargers and led illumination systems for Professional Video and Broadcasting.

With regards to industrial solutions, we develop both standard and customized products, such as integral projects like “Ready to Go” for categories such as telecommunications (modems ADSL), space flights (integral electrical systems), aeronautics (central energy system supply), naval (satellite positioning), military equipment (communications), cable TV operators (portable measuring equipment), computing (notebook powerbanks), professional video (lighting systems and film equipment) satellite tracking (high autonomy packs), among others.
We guarantee the good condition and “on time delivery” of our products, we boast a rapid and flexible warehousing system, highly qualified workmanship, automated processes and our improvement procedures continue.
We have the know how and the technology to take on new challenges, ensuring the ongoing of “Rechargeable Energy” projects in the best conditions of portability, efficiency and safety.