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Probattery’s intelligent batteries can form part of a remotely monitored system, owing to the programmable telemetric interface CCO-232485-IG1. It permits access to real-time information about the battery and converts it into RS 232 or RS 485, I2C, RS-422 o radio frequency,  so it can be remotely transmitted.

The data transmission comes directly from the system CSM-UN212-IG1, with which Probattery’s intelligent batteries come equipped, and permits access to the following parameters:
• Capacity in mAh and in % in terms of the nominal value
• Current battery tension
• Instant charge or discharge current
• Average charge or discharge current
• Charge or discharge time remaining
• Quantity of charge or discharge cycles completed
• Continuous adjustment of the battery’s real capacity
Model, serial number and date of manufacture of the battery

Finally, the intelligent system continually keeps the real capacity of the battery updated, automatically recalibrating itself after each completed charge or discharge cycle.

Addition of telemetry to our Intelligence battery pack’s permit us to obtain from a remote position, all parameters provided by them, and allow the reception of remote alarms which will alert about important abnormalities related to the management of rechargeable energy.