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Probattery’s Lith-ion powerbanks, which are configurable to various voltages and powers outputs, are an excellent solution to portable energy needs, being small in both size and weight, but delivering a long autonomous service. They are made up of a combination of parallel series Lith-ion cylindrical, prismatic or lith-polymer cells, controlled by electronic circuits to protect against over-charging, excess discharge, shortcircuiting and overcurrent

They adapt to numerous applications and offer efficiency and portability.

Probattery powerbanks can include intelligent measurement systems which gives information on remaining charge, voltage, current, temperature, number of charge/discharge cycles, time to total discharge, manufacturing details, etc. This information is able to be stored in digital registers which are externally accesible. The ‘intelligent powerbanks’ can also be supervised remotely, using a telemetric system, recovering all the data and transmitting it through RS232, RS485, USB, etc.

Notebook Powerbank / PPLI-185/13-CPB   ADSL MODEM Powerbank / PPLI-PRO0704-SPB

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